JULIE Violet
Two Available Colors
● Intelligent remote control
● Product made for man and woman
● Ideal prostate massager
● Soft head for easy insertion
● The round and smooth design makes it comfortable to use
● Fully-covered by sillicon and easy to clean
● SVAKOM intelligent mode
● Pinhole charging and 100% waterproof
● Luxurious and unique design
● Environment friendly material
● Rechargeable
● Whisper quiet
26 different frequency experiences
Julie has 5 +1different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so you have (5 x 5 )+1= 26 selections to explore.
Intelligent remote control
Julie can be used with or without the remote control. If you decide to use the remote control, it will increase the interaction between you and your partner. It is more convenient to change modes and intensities by the remote control if you are using the product yourself.
Waterproof design
Julie is designed with pinhole charging port. It is waterproof so why not take it into the bath or down to the pool.
Whisper quiet
Julie is quieter than a ticking clock. Enjoy it without worrying about disturbing others.

10 db
blooming flower

SVAKOM product
<50 db

50 db
ticking clock

Normal talking

turning fan

Ordinary Vibrator

car sirens
Julie adopted a lithium battery, and this rechargeable vibrator for women has a battery capacity of 300 mAh which can be fully-charged in only 1hours, and provide about 3 hours of continuous pleasure.
Environment friendly material
Julie is made of environment friendly silicone. All SVAKOM products have passed the strictest tests and reached the highest standards before launching.
Product made for man and woman
Julie is a product that can be used for both man and woman. For woman, it can be used for G-spot and anal stimulation. Man can use it as a prostate massager.
How to use?

JULIE Violet

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