● Clitoris stimulator
● Easy to carry along for travelling
● Powerful vibrations
● One key controls all your pleasure
● Waterproof and easy to clean
● Eco-friendly ABS & ultra-soft silicone
●Rechargeable via USB port
●Hidden charging port
●Whisper quiet
Daisy is a chic and elegant vibrator with petite and discreet size. It has strong vibrations and is ideal for stimulating clitoris. You can choose within three different vibration modes. All Daisy's functions are controlled by one single button. It's very easy to use. The small size makes it easy to be carried along for travelling.
Clitoris stimulator
Daisy is perfect for clitoral stimulation. Its powerful vibrations will bring excitement all over your vagina. It can arouse you quickly during foreplay and enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse.
3 vibration modes
Daisy has 3 vibration modes. Choose the best one for you and enjoy the thrilling experience.
How to use
With only one button on the vibrator, it's super easy for you to use Daisy.
Small size
Daisy looks slim and elegant. Its small size makes it easy to be carried along for travelling without being noticed.
Waterproof design
Daisy is designed with a hidden charging port at the bottom and is totally waterproof. So take it in the bath or shower for a different sexual experience.
Rechargeable battery
Daisy uses high performance rechargeable lithium battery. It can provide you 4 hours of pleasure by a single charge of 2 hours.
Eco-friendly material
At SVAKOM, we are committed to protect the environment. Daisy is made of Eco-friendly silicone and has passed all strictest international standards before getting introduced to the market.

1 Year Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee

1 Year Warranty
The 1 year warranty covers to one year since the purchase date. If there is a quality problem during this period, you can claim and receive a free replacement. Noted that our warranty range includes the problems caused by material flaws, manufacturing flaws, and the parts that influences the normal functioning. Damages caused by improper operation, overused abrasion and disassembling the product are excluded from our warranty range.

10 Year Quality Guarantee
The 10 year quality guarantee covers your product for the ten years subsequent to your 1 year warranty's expiration date. If you have a problem with your SVAKOM product (purchased from our official website) within this time, you will receive a 50% discount on your next purchase of a SVAKOM product.


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