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Tulip Violet

Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
Tulip Violet
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  • SKU: S115B-VLT
  • EAN: 6959633134245

Vibrant 10 different modes for you to enjoy
Powerful An elegant small piece with a very intense motor inside
Seductive Curved and ribbed design to fit your body naturally
Discreet Pocket sized for you to take everywhere
Delicate Crafted with body safe, ultra-soft silicone
Rechargeable Infinite moments of pleasure are a one hour charge away
Product Name: TULIP
Material: Silicone, ABS+PC, Metals, Zinc Alloy
Size: φ106*26.5mm
Weight: 42g
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 110mAh
Charging Time: 1 hour
Using Time: 1 hour
Vibration mode: 10 modes
Product Package Dimensions: 145*76*55mm
Carton Dimensions: 600×260×330mm
Product Weight (with package):186G
Weight of Packing Carton: 1.5KG
Product Quantity/Carton: 60PCS/Carton
Net Weight (without carton): 10KG
Total Weight: 12KG
Pocket Sized Powerful Vibrator. Designed for an active lifestyle, Tulip comfortably fits inside all types of luggage with a compact design allowing for discreet usage thoughout day-to-day living. Intense vibrations generated by a powerful motor create exquisite pleasure. Take adventage of the choice available and cycle through multiple vibration modes and intesnsities to match any situation. Tulip Features curves and a ribbed design, fitting any body type with the utmost comfort. Tulip is made from ultra-soft, body safe silicone creating a delicate experience and providing peace of mind. Tulip is the perfect companion whether at home or travelling long-distance. In a hotel or relaxing in at home, never compromise on how, when, or where you experience immaculate pleasure.