Two Available Colors
● Designed specifically for couples
● Prolong intercourse durability
● Ultra soft & body-safe silicone
● Super powerful vibration
● 25 different sensational sexual experiences
● Environment friendly material
● Waterproof, easy to clean and use
Material: Ultra soft silicone+Body-safe ABS
Size: Φ90mm*46mm*30mm
Weight: 40g
Battery Capacity: 100mah
Battery Type: 1 Hour
Charing Time: 0.67 Hour
Battery Capacity: 100mah
Charging Time: 1 hour
Use Time: 0.67 hour
Water Repellency: Waterproof
Vibrate Modes: 5
Intensities 5
Super powerful vibrations & 25 different sensational sexual experiences
Wendy is a powerful vibrating cock ring. There is 5 different modes of vibration and each of them has 5 intensities. The users can explore 25 different ways to reach orgasm.
Wendy is completely waterproof so do not hesitate to take it with you into the bathtub or in the swimming pool.
Wendy adopted a lithium battery and it has a battery capacity of 100mAh which can be fully-charged in only 1 hour, and provide about 0.67 hour of continuous pleasure.
Whisper quiet
Wendy is quieter than a ticking clock. Enjoy it without worrying about disturbing others.

10 db
blooming flower

SVAKOM product
<50 db

50 db
ticking clock

Normal talking

turning fan

Ordinary Vibrator

car sirens
Environment friendly material
At Svakom we are committed to protect the environment. Wendy is made of body-safe silicon and has passed the EU ROHS certification. It also meets EU CE Directive and WEEE Directive.
Designed specifically for couples
Wendy possesses the ability to improve the sex life of both partners. It can prolong man’s endurance and stimulate woman’s pleasure at the same time. Wendy can be used by woman as a clitoris stimulator. By limiting blood flow it will also enhance man’s pleasure during masturbation.
The perfect gift for a man
Allow SVAKOM to introduce you Wendy:a vibrating ring designed for couples with an adventurous side. Not only does Wendy help prolong a man’s stamina, but it also helps to stimulate woman’s clitoris. Wendy is waterproof so feel free to start the action inside the bathtub or swimming pool.


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