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Tammy Voilet

Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
Tammy Voilet
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  • EAN: 6959699133385

Pleasure All Over Get comfortable and let pleasure take over. Featuring double-rings for comfortable restriction, and a textured head for new ways to have fun.
Surpass Satisfaction Create your own experience. Tammy’s ultra-powerful motor features 5 gasp inducing vibration modes – each with 5 levels of intensity.
Texture Goes a Long Way Inspire euphoria with Tammy’s textured head, designed to bring intense stimulation to the clitoris.
Perfect Together Tammy is sure to spice up any bedroom activity with partner(s). Embrace that extra boost to stamina whilst simultaneously providing intense stimulation.
Easy Clean-Up Cool off after your exhilarating sessions and rest easy knowing that Tammy’s splash proof design makes cleaning quick and simple.
Instant Action Dive straight into the good times with Tammy’s super-fast charging. A 30-minute charge grants you a full hour of constant pleasure.
Environment Friendly Tammy’s super comfortable material doesn’t just feel amazing, it’s also better for the environment!
Material: Silicone
size: 80*42*51.6mm
Inner diameter of large circle:48mm
Inner diameter of small circle: 28mm
Insertable Length: N/A
Weight: 40g
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Charging Time: 0.5h-0.8h
Using Time: 0.8-1h
Water Repellency: Splashproof
Vibrate Modes: 5
Intensities: 5
Product Package Dimensions: 145×118×55mm
Carton Dimensions: 600×300×390mm
Product Weight (with package): 250G
Weight of Packing Carton: 1.45KG
Product Quantity/Carton:60PCS/Carton
Net Weight (without carton):15kg
Total Weight:16.45kg
Double Ring Clitoris Stimulator With a ring for both the testicales and the base of the penis, Tammy is perfect for applying satisfying pressue whilst improving stamina. Connected to the rings is a textured head perfect for partnered activities. It gives emits powerful vibrations with a variety of modes and intensities to choose from. The pinhole charging offers resistance to water, making cleaning Tammy an easy task. Charging takes no time at all with only 30-minutes to reach a full charge, Tammy can be ready in a flash. Wrapped in ultra-smooth eco-friendly silicone it is soft when in direct contact with a skin and prevents friction. Tammy is powerful penis ring suitable or any body type, it covers a large surface area with it's head allowing for more authentic experience when used with partners.