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Iker Black

Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
Iker Black
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NO MORE BARRIERS Controlled via APP, you are in charge of your own pleasure or you can give it to your partner no matter where they are. Our world wide range brings infinite possibilities.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN Flexible to fit your anatomy and with the perfect angle to reach prostate and perineum or the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.
VIBRATION + PULSATION Two motors for one incredible high. 7 vibration modes with 5 intensity levels in one end plus 5 pulsating modes in the other end to revolutionize your orgasm.
LIGHT DISPLAY The Illuminating LED indicator creates a synchronized visual experience with the vibrations of the toy.
WATERPROOF Pioneering technology and powerful tools all wrapped in one piece of eco-friendly and waterproof makes Iker easy to clean and an excellent ally when in the bath, shower or hot tub.
Product Name: Iker
Material: Silicone, ABS+PC, Metals
Size: φ134.7*101*36mm
Weight: 138g±5g
Battery: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Charging Time: 1 hour
Using Time: 1 hour
Vibration modes: 7 modes
Pulsating modes: 5 modes
Intensity levels: 5 levels
Product Package Dimensions: 132*165*59mm
Carton Dimensions: 600*345*412mm
Product Weight (with package): 0.4KG
Weight of Packing Carton: 0.15KG
Product Quantity/Carton:48PCS/CARTON
Net Weight (without carton):19.2KG
Total Weight:19.35KG
APP-Controlled Prostate and Perineum Vibrator. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable experience, Iker is a powerful and insertable perineum stimulator with a pulsating type. Accompanied by a variety of vibration and pulsation modes, Iker offers simultaneous stimulation with knee shaking intensity. Iker is controlled entirely by two buttons, as well as being combatible with the SVAKOM App, to individually controll the vibrating base and the pulsating tip. Through the App users gain access to an expanded selection of modes and features including the music mode; connecting music saved to the device that Iker will vibrate in unison with. Flexible at the tip with a slim wrist design, Iker is easy both insert and remove. The magnetic charging port provides access to fast charging speeds and guarenteed complete waterproofing for Iker to be brought into wetter situations.