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Hedy X-Speed

Hedy X-Speed
Hedy X-Speed
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Bigger, Bolder, Better Hedy X series is a collection of 5 sleeves, each carefully designed with a unique interior for a supreme experience. Unwrap, lube it up and indulge!
5 New Designs, 5 New Experiences Hedy X offers 5 different experiences for you to inspire brilliant pleasure; Confidence, Speed, Reaction, Control, Experience.
Two Sides, Double Pleasure The reversible design of Hedy X allows you to multiply your experience just by turning it inside out.
One-Size-Fits-All Unique suction effect, a realistic scenario that comes in 5 different patterns for you to choose from.
A Realstic Touch Made of medical-grade TPE, every sleeve is ultra body-safe and incredibly soft...your realistic experience awaits.
The Perfect Gift Discreet appearance, with its refined inner design and supple texture. Perfect to bring along with you everywhere.
Glees On a Loop Each sleeve can be reused 5-10 times. Apply your favorite water-based lube, sit back and enjoy. Use, Wash, store and repeat.
Product Name: Hedy X
Material: TPE, PP
Size: 56*56*99.25mm
Weight: 109.4g/122.4g/121.4g/116.4g/115.4g
Color: Translucid
Product Package Dimensions: 600*260*330mm
Product Weight (with package): 0.656kg
Weight of Packing Carton: 1.062kg
Product Quantity/Carton: 5Pcs/Pack,24Packs/Carton
Net Weight (without carton):15.75Kg
Total Weight:16.77kg
Stroking Sleeve Set. Hedy X is the answer to simple yet intense pleasure. Stored in an egg-like container that doubles up as a drying rack, Hedy X is easy to use and takes things back to simple masturbation. Each sleeve offers a variety of different textures and sensations, with each designed to fit all shapes and sizes. Each set comes with a lube sachet to get things going as soon as possible. Confidence The lusty beehive pattern will create a perfect tight and pull effectfor a supreme climax. hedy x
Inspired by the motion of the waves, this curvy design will seduce you over and over again. hedy x
A path of addictive spheres awaits inside, ready for those who deserve more. hedy x
Thousands of flakes carefully placed for your ultimate satisfaction An irresistible touch. hedy x
A set of spirals and stripes blend inside to play with the rhythm of